PERSONALIZED VERSION; The Entreprener Game by EESpeaks

PERSONALIZED VERSION; The Entreprener Game by EESpeaks

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We are happy to announce the PERSONALIZED version of The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks! 

That's right; you can order your copy of the most innovative, timely and life-generating board game to hit the market in decades! When was the last time a board game offered to personalize your game by printing your photos on the money?

There are four (4) denominations of money in this game; $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $20,000 bills. When you choose this version of the game, you will send us the four photos that you love and we will print them right on your game money. 

Commemorate a loved one, give it as a special gift or purchase one for your household with your children or anyone else on the money! 

This game will not only be fun, educational and interactive, but we are sure it will bring joy, laughter and growth to your family for generations to come. Order your personalized copy today!

(Accompanying photo of the box is for specifying the game on this page. Your game will come with the original box design featured on the non-personalized version.)