BFCM Sale! Give the gift of Entrepreneurship this Season!

Edition for current and recently released citizens and for prevention programs.

The new report, “Ex-offenders and the Labor Market,” found that in 2008 there were between 12.3 million and 13.9 million ex-felons in the United States. Over 90 percent were
men. These are individuals who will have a hard time finding gainful employment offering a living wage, even though they have talents and skills that can help society when focused on something beneficial. When ex-offenders get desperate and cannot see a path to success, the chances of repeating an offense rises substantially. Let’s offer them another way:

The Entrepreneur Game: Rise of the Returning Citizen

This is a game designed specifically for ex-offenders to find their gifts and talents, and learn to create and grown an entrepreneurial business that will benefit all of society. When one of us overcomes the obstacles and win, we all win.