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The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks

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* BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR WITH THE WORLD’S MOST FUN & EDUCATIONAL ENTREPRENEUR GAME. The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks was developed by serial entrepreneur and 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist Elliott Eddie, author of his bestselling entrepreneurial book, 'From Passion To Profit; The Complete Entrepreneur's Business Guide'. This game is the ultimate realization of the vision for an interactive tool to teach entrepreneurship and business building. Put your entrepreneurial skills to the test and learn how to build a better life in the comfort of your own home.

* REAL LIFE APPLICATION FROM THE GAME. What your children (and adult players) learn playing this game is the process of creating and building a business. You are C.E.O of your own home-based or brick & mortar business, and your objective; to grow your business into an empire through marketing, branding, investing and negotiating deals- all while avoiding bankruptcy! Become a millionaire and you are crowned "mogul of the game". You create the type of business you will start and give it a name. You practice creating a business plan, creating and working within your budget, creating marketing campaigns and most of all- adjusting to unknown situations as the occur...just like real businesses in real life! A fun game that helps the whole family improve your connection to real world business and wealth building techniques.

* LEARN MORE AND MORE AS YOU PLAY! No two games are ever alike! Work on your presentation skills as you negotiate deals with your fellow players and the bank. Learn Branding skills as you build out your business into a franchise. Learn about business financing as you apply for and repay business loans to establish or grow your business. Playing The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks will train you to become an entrepreneur and change your life forever. As you play you’ll learn about yourself, your business style and how it matches up against your opponents. Sharpen your financial literacy and hone the concepts of investing and money making. Are you typically a saver? Try out aggressive investing. Are you typically a risk taker? Maybe try steady growth.

* PLAY FASTER & BETTER. GUARANTEED 100% SATISFACTION. Test your entrepreneurial skills and strategy. There are so many ways to grow your business  to win and electrify all players as they battle for entrepreneurial supremacy!


The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks opens the imagination. This game will open the many wonders and splendors of starting and growing your very own business from your own imagination and taking charge of it! Let your children's imaginations (and yours) run wild as you create and run your empire.

Be careful, this game could lead to confidence, aspiration, goal setting and living an incredible life!


Ships December 2018.