Transforms classrooms and homes into incredible places of learning! -Brittany Applegate.

The Entrepreneur Game lays the groundwork for a new generation of diverse entrepreneurs, empowering them to see the world as opportunity rich, and to craft the lives they dream to live.


1. The game uses real-life entrepreneur scenarios to allow players to get a true feel for what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

2. Players learn (practice) key skills about accounting/math, negotiation tactics, partnership building, idea creation, and more

3. Teaches critical soft-skills like; problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, brainstorming, risk taking, facing failure and resilience, goal setting, working together, and confidence.

Entrepreneurship as a Real Choice.

The Benefits are more than you imagine!

The Family of Entrepreneur Games

Rise of the Returning Citizen


El juego de los Emprendedores

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