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Changing futures around the world!

We may learn a lot in school, but one of the subjects its unlikely that we’ve been taught is Entrepreneurship; how to create and build a successful business of your own.


Bringing fun to teaching successful entrepreneurship is The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks: A fun, educational and interactive board game that allows players to create their own home-based & brick and mortar businesses, and grow those businesses into an empire; whole avoiding bankruptcy.

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Why you need the Entrepreneur Game for yourself and your family

  • You win playing this game!

    Become a successful entrepreneur with the world's most fun and educational entrepreneur game! What your children (and adult players) learn playing this game is the process of creating and building a business.

  • Learn more as you play!

    Work on your presentation skills as you negotiate deals with your fellow players and the bank. Sharpen your financial literacy and hone the concepts of investing and money making.

  • Real life application!

    You are C.E.O of your own home-based or brick & mortar business, and your objective; to grow your business into an empire through marketing, branding, investing and negotiating deals- all while avoiding bankruptcy!


How old must you be to play this game?

We have found that this game is best for ages 10 years old and up. 

Is the game hard to learn?

Not at all. The rules come with the game and it is easy to play. It is a roll and move game, which means you roll dice and move your piece around the board. As you move, you will land on spaces that tell you to choose one of four different decks of cards. Once you pick up your card, read it aloud and follow the directions. It's just that simple.

Is there any type of "Entrepreneurial Support" that comes with the game?

Absolutely! I am glad you asked. No other game provides this but it was a "no brainer' for us! Once you purchase a copy of your game, you have free access to our site, "The Entrepreneur's Lounge"! This is a place like no other and the information is free! We provide some of the basic information and access to sample business templates that are hard to find. Our purpose is to assist you with your real life entrepreneurial endeavors. We have totally free forms and books you can use for yourself such as; business plan templates and samples, sample Articles of Incorporation, sample ByLaws, sample corporate resolutions, business training, assistance with non-profits and filing for your 501(c)(3) and so much more! As a matter of fact, you can join for free and take advantage of the free information that is there right now. Come back often because we will continually be adding information to the lounge.